April 10, 2009

ICIDS 2009 Call for Papers

by Nick Montfort · , 8:42 pm

The Second International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling (ICIDS 2009) is happening in GuimarĂ£es, Portugal on December 9-12 2009. This conference series continues to investigate the areas that were covered by TIDSE (Technologies for Interactive Digital Storytelling) and ICVS (Virtual Storytelling – Using Virtual Reality Technologies for Storytelling).

Interactive entertainment, including novel forms of edutainment, therapy, and serious games, promises to become an ever more important market. Interactive Digital Storytelling provides access to social and human themes through stories, and promises to foster considerably the possibilities of interactive entertainment, computer games, and other interactive digital applications. ICIDS also identifies opportunities and addreses challenges for redefining the experience of narrative through interactive simulations of computer-generated story worlds.

The call for papers is out; the deadline is June 20.

2 Responses to “ICIDS 2009 Call for Papers”

  1. patsy deverall Says:

    I am interested in attending and in submitting a paper from the perspective of a user of SL for educational interaction in a middle eastern context. The users of digital media are our students. The way in which they adapt to the media of SL and the potential for ESl acquisition. The way events can be recorded in an e portfolio and become part of the students PLE and the ramifications for learning and assessment are my current interests
    I bneed to know the cost of the conference ( I cannot see this on the home page)

  2. nick Says:

    The best idea would be to contact the conference organizers.

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