April 21, 2009

Krannert Art Museum Grand Text Auto Exhibit

by Nick Montfort · , 9:48 am

Yesterday a group of us from the HASTAC III conference toured the Grand Text Auto exhibit here at UIUC’s Krannert Art Museum, which was curated by Damon Baker. The exhibit is great! Although many of the same pieces appear from the UCI Grand Text Auto exhibit, it’s different in several ways and has several new pieces. Update: Thanks to HASTAC scholar Veronica Paredes, there’s now a video and text about the exhibit up on the HASTAC blog. Check it out!

The presentation of pieces is very nice; Damon has put up helpful curatorial texts and presented both interactive and non-interactive pieces very thoughtfully. Mary’s [giantJoystick] hasn’t made it to campus yet, although there’s a 16′ tall space here right at the center of the NSCA building waiting for it. The elaborate augmented reality incarnation of Façade couldn’t be mounted again. However, the desktop Façade is exhibited very nicely; it shares center stage with Noah et al.’s Screen on the CANVAS in the Krannert Art Museum’s Intermedia Gallery. Scott et al.’s The Unknown is presented as a browsable hypertext, an open book, photos and texts, audio that plays continually, and a hotel bell. Scott’s Frequency appears on a computer and his and my collaboration, Implementation, is on display in manuscript and photographs. And, I have many small pieces throughout the exhibit: ppg256-1 and ppg256-2, Winchester’s Nightmare, and Taroko Gorge.

A nice thing about the exhibit is that the underlying works are almost all available for free online; in every case, there’s documentation of them. Here are the links:

I will add photos here when I have them. I hope some readers will happen to be at UIUC and will be able to visit!