May 5, 2009

Video Game Exhibit at the Boston Cyberarts Festival

by Nick Montfort · , 2:04 pm

Here’s what the Boston Cyberarts Festival exhibit at 1305 Boylston Street, which offered visitors the opportunity to play several Atari VCS games along with Tempest 2000 (Jaguar), Rez (Dreamcast), and Bit.Trip Beat (Wii), looked like:

vg_exhibit George Fifield, Andrew Y Ames, Nick Montfort

The last photo shows George Fifield (director of the Boston Cyberarts Festival), Andrew Y Ames, and Nick Montfort (caught by the camera in his weekend attire).

2 Responses to “Video Game Exhibit at the Boston Cyberarts Festival”

  1. Jason McIntosh Says:

    It is kind of alarming to see you out of a suit.

  2. Nick Montfort Says:

    [Calvino] states that it is the “clinamen,” which, alone, “can make of the text a true work of art.” The clinamen is the deviation, the error in the system.

    — NM & NWF, The New Media Reader

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