April 7, 2022

Glitch Squad Press Release

For Immediate Release

Contact: contact@resonym.com

April 6, 2022 (Hanover, NH) – The latest board game designed at Tiltfactor, Glitch Squad, is being published by Resonym, and coming to Kickstarter on April 19th.

Glitch Squad was designed at Dr. Mary Flanagan’s Tiltfactor research lab at Dartmouth College by distinguished designers Mary Flanagan and Max Seidman, and designed in collaboration with LabX at the National Academy of Sciences. Glitch Squad will join the independent publisher Resonym’s ever-growing repertoire of acclaimed titles such as Monarch and Mechanica.

March 17, 2021

Tiltfactor to Design Forensic Science Board Game with LabX at the National Academy of Sciences

For Immediate Release
March 17, 2021

Tiltfactor Lab at Dartmouth College is pleased to announce a new partnership with LabX, a public engagement program of the National Academy of Sciences that seeks to generate interest and enthusiasm around science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine (STEMM) topics through a variety of creative strategies. Through this collaboration, Tiltfactor and LabX are designing and developing a science-themed tabletop game, which will designed to captivate and excite players while demonstrating the relevance of science and scientific thinking. While most people recognize that science improves our lives, it is often perceived as complex and unapproachable. The Tiltfactor and LabX partnership aims to address this problem.

October 23, 2019

Clowns Applaud Insanity Now Available

The next game developed at Tiltfactor, Clowns Applaud Insanity, is now being published by Resonym! It’s a hilarious black and white party card game filled with adults-only humor, and after writing and rewriting its cards for years now, I’m excited to make it available to the world.


Draw a question card, like “With our planet doomed, our only chance for survival is ___________.” Then all other players submit their funniest answer card, like “Nothing” or “Nick Offerman chained to a power-generating exercycle.” Choose the most hilarious answer, and the player who submitted it gets an “Applause Point.” Play until you get bored, then whoever has the most points wins.

February 13, 2019

Buffalo Facilitator’s Guide Debuts on Amazon

from Tiltfactor
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Buffalo Facilitator’s Workbook: A Game-Based Guide to Leading Difficult Conversations Debuts on Amazon

New workbook turns fun, fast-paced party game into a workshop that can be used by organizations to facilitate difficult, but much-needed conversations

HANOVER, NH– Tiltfactor, creators of Buffalo: The Name Dropping Game, have announced the debut of Buffalo Facilitator’s Workbook: A Guide to Leading Conversations to Reduce Implicit Bias. The workbook takes Buffalo, a fast-paced party game, and turns gameplay into a workshop that organizations can use to facilitate what can sometimes be difficult workplace conversations.

July 14, 2017

Continental Drift Wins Best New Mechanic

from Tiltfactor
by @ 1:21 pm

Earlier this year we entered a Tiltfactor prototype game, Continental Drift, into the 2017 Board Game Geek Two-Player Print and Play Design Contest. This week we were excited to learn that, out of over 30 entries, Continental Drift was voted:

#1 Best New Mechanic
#1 Best Use of Language Independent Components
#1 Best Game to Play with Your Child
#2 Best Date Night Game
#3 Best Casual/Gateway Game
#4 Best Art/Graphic Design
#4 Best Game (Overall)

Whoa! We’re hoping to do something cool with this game, so stay tuned!

May 4, 2017

How to Record What Your Playtesters are Doing in Your Unity or Twine Games

from Tiltfactor
by @ 12:39 pm

This post is more technical than most of our blog posts.  If you’re not making computer games then this probably won’t be of terrible interest to you.

September 21, 2015

Awkward Moment at Work Giveaway!

Awkward Moment At Work puts players in terrifically awkward social situations in the workplace! Players gather a hand of reactions and together face embarrassing, hysterical, or stressful events. How awkward! Gameplay pulls from moment, decider, and reaction cards. Discovered your boss’ Facebook page is full of company complaints? Tech innovation committee didn’t invite the older coworkers? Maybe you faked a British accent during an interview and got hired. Players choose their reaction based on deciders like “Most likely to get you promoted” and of course the ever-practical “What would Batman do?” Is it best to ask for a raise, belch loudly, or do an interpretive dance? It’s up to the judge.

September 14, 2015

Smorball wins “Best Serious Game” award at the Boston Festival of Indie Games 2015

On Saturday the Tiltfactor team took Smorball to the Boston Festival of Indie Games. Our computers were constantly filled, as players loved the game and fiercely competed to top each others’ high scores!


Then, at the end of the day we were surprised and thrilled that Smorball won the “Best Serious Game” Figgie award, over the 100+ games in attendance at the Festival!  The award itself was presented by Cambridge City Councillor Leland Cheung, and he spoke about how playing Smorball is more than just playing a game – it’s a form of civic engagement.


March 7, 2015

Making the Art of MONARCH

One of the wonderful features of Mary’s newest game, MONARCH, is its unique and breathtaking art style. Artist Kate Adams is responsible for the game’s illustrations, and achieves this fantastic look by scratching into scratchboard with blades, as shown in this video! After scratching, scanning, and coloring, the finished product comes out looking like this:


We’re really excited for MONARCH! Check out more of the finished art over at the Kickstarter page. The campaign is funding until March 14th, and Mary needs your help to make the game a reality!

February 25, 2015

The Mechanics of MONARCH: Elastic Design

MONARCH is a game by Tiltfactor director Mary Flanagan, illustrated by Kate Adams. The game is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. Max Seidman worked on the design of MONARCH’s mechanics and Mary calls him “the balance expert.” Max also runs a game design theory blog, Most Dangerous Game Design. Here, Max shares thoughts on our intentional design that balances complexity with an unfolding, or “elastic,” design to suit a range of players’ interests and playstyles.

February 13, 2015

Tiltfactor Lab Announces New Party Card Game To Combat Workplace Biases

For Immediate Release
Contact: info @ maryflanagan.com

April 14, 2015 (Hanover, NH) – From the game lab that brought you Awkward Moment® comes a hilarious new party game, designed this time to let the adults in on the awkwardness! Today, Tiltfactor Laboratory is excited to announce the release of our newest card game, Awkward Moment at Work.

February 9, 2015

Mary Flanagan Brings New Audiences to Board Games with MONARCH: The First Pro-Girl Board Game

World-Renowned Expert in Game Design Creates a Revolutionary Experience For All Players

SHORT Title: Mary Flanagan releases first pro-girl board game

Contact: monarch@maryflanagan.com

BROOKLYN NEW YORK 9th February 2015 – Mary Flanagan, the contemporary artist and Dartmouth professor known also for her game research lab Tiltfactor.org, brings her extraordinary creative insight to create the first “Pro-Girl Board Game.” Known for her thinking on why the ‘Pinkification’ of toys hurts women, Flanagan brings forth a new generation in board gaming for all.

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