November 16, 2004

IF Comp 2004 Results

by Nick Montfort · , 1:46 pm

The last votes from Iowa have been counted, and the 2004 IF Comp results have been released. Paul O’Brien’s Luminous Horizon, part of his Earth and Sky series, is the big winner. In second is Blue Chairs by Chris Klimas; third place goes to All Things Devours by half sick of shadows. 174 judges rated the games in this year’s competition. The whole slew of games is still available as a single download from the IF Comp site, and the traditional comp reviews are now being disgorged upon the traditional USENET newsgroup. (Update: zarf’s reviews and Dan Shiovitz’s reviews were posted early on and have been placed on the Web, too, so I’m adding links to them. Do check out the newsgroup if you’re interested in reading more.)

In other IF news, Kent Tessman’s Future Boy!, the demo of which was previously discussed here, has been released, and you can also buy a codex copy of The Hugo Book, the manual for the free IF development system Hugo there. (The book is available for free as a PDF.)

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