December 13, 2004

UCR Grad Conference Seeks a Cartridge of Theory

by Nick Montfort · , 5:33 pm

Mark Marino (Barthes’ Bachelorettes, Grand Thieves Audio) has stopped fiddling with his radio dial long enough to blow the horn of summoning. There’s a graduate conference coming up at UCR, and he’s pointed out six special session CFPs – a full cylinder of ’em? – that will be of interest to Grand Text Auto-readin’ grad students:

(dis)junctions: theory reloaded (april 8-9, 2005)

The University of California Riverside’s 12th Annual Humanities Graduate Conference
CFP: (dis)junctions: Multiple-Media Panels (grad) (1/7/05; 4/8/05-4/9/05)

  1. Media Crossings: Intersections of Film, Television, and Digital Culture
  2. Online Gaming and Society
  3. Original Hypermedia, Net.Art, Mods, Flash
  4. Eliterature and Cybertext Theory
  5. Chatbots, IF, and Textual Exchange
  6. Cybersexualities: Sex, Dating, and Desire in Virtual Spaces

See the overall (dis)junctions CFP for details on these and for their context. From looking at the call, it seems that interactive fiction may be poised to overtake whiteness studies and become the next big thing.