July 3, 2005

Agency, or Not Agency, That is the Question

from Grand Text Auto
by @ 12:24 pm

We’re having an interesting debate over at Game Matters on the role, or desirability, of agency in games and stories. Frankly I’m surprised by what I’m reading. Please contribute if you have some thoughts on this.

July 2, 2005

List of Links

from Grand Text Auto
by @ 9:50 am

Slamdance now has a student game competition, due Sept 19. ICVS poster/demo/art submissions are due July 22. And a new site Games and Storytelling out of Finland offers several videos of lectures by various folks knowledgable about the subject.

The Cultural Gutter has a new article discussing a lavish coffee-table book about Half Life 2, “featuring examples of the visually stunning work of the game accompanied by 100-word descriptions. What comes across in the book, which quotes dozens of people, is how much collaboration shaped the process.” And the LA Weekly suggests there’s a “moralgorithm” in operation when playing NBA Live 2005 for Xbox.

July 1, 2005

Ma la principessa è in un’altra cappella

from Grand Text Auto
by @ 8:55 pm

Apropos of this, some a cappella Nintendo theme songs. If you ask me, even the appearance of the ninja doesn’t really redeem it, but hey, it’s topical.

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