April 1, 2007

Game Elements & Layers

from Grand Text Auto
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Paolo Taj√®’s article over at Game Career Guide proposes six layers for gameplay: Token, including elements like the player’s “man,” opponents, and power-ups; Prop, their properties; Dyn, the verbs of game dynamics; Goal, in-game motivations; Meta, elements outide the game itself such as its division into levels; and Psycho, the desired emotional responses of the player. The article applies this “Gameplay Deconstruction: Elements and Layers” (or GD:EL) model to Pac-Man and Tetris. Thanks to ifMUD for the tip about this one.


from Grand Text Auto
by @ 5:29 am

so i am back, with news on the opening of a new, enormous musuem in Spain: Laboral: centro de arte y creacion industrial in Gijon, Asturias. This weekend, three inaugural shows initiated this new center/ museum: Feedback, curated by Christiane Paul, JemimaRellie, and Charlie Gere; Gameworld, curated by Carl Goodman, and Lab Cyberspaces Project, which had a jury choosing the works. I am exhibiting in two of these shows — Feedback and Gameworld. I will post images from the opening when I’m back in the US — shortly! Meanwhile, check out the website!

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