March 5, 2012

3X8: Three New Media Projects by Eight Artists

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This week, be sure to catch three new media artworks installed along Berry Main Street on the Dartmouth College campus. The projects were produced in the New Media Art class offered through Studio Art, taught by Professor Mary Flanagan. The students will be on-site and available to answer questions about the work on TUESDAY MARCH 6TH 2012 from 3-4pm.

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In the Front Hall: Uplift Me

By Hannah Collman ’15,  Kayla Gilbert ’12 and Shloka Kini ’13

Taroko Gorge … Makoto, Guile

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Take the natural splendor of Taiwan’s beautiful canyon and add side fighting action. Or, just see how Damian Esteves has already done it in yet another Taroko Gorge remix.

March 1, 2012

Using Classic Games as Instructional Aids in the Classroom: Case Studies and Implications

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Have you ever played UNO, Scrabble, Hearts, or Dominoes? Chances are that you have. Classic card and board games are widely popular. According to Mattel, 30,000 games of Scrabble are started each hour. According to Hasbro, more than 275 million games of Monopoly have been sold worldwide. With online, mobile, and handheld versions of classic games available, it is difficult to quantify how popular they are, but also easy to see how ubiquitous they remain.

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